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siince 2006

Chofu-city Tokyo

Derction & Produced 


Design by TAB@CHO









japanese original Dub & Reggae Band



Music Tupe : Japanese Roots

Crew : Vocal & Melodion by TAB@CHO

          Bass Guitar by Guchii Tani

          Guitar by Kentaro Tamura

          Drums by Honke

fun of

Mute beat, Les Ralliize Denudes,

Roots Radics, Black Roots, Steel Plus, This Heat,


★Release information

 "smooth and flat" 33 rotation LP gas analog record 

2012.1.20 Release Determination! 

300 limited press. 

All the six music 2,000Yen (according to tax) 


A side 

1. Magic-Flower-in-Water 

2. SAZU Highway of Straight Solar 

3. Rain 


B side 

1. Monster known well 

2. Smooth and flat 

3. Chofu Work Song 


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Plakaty Polska 2008~2010 

Drum: Yasuo Gen base: Keita Ise 

Guitar: Minemoto Tsuyoshi A song, other:Tabata Tsuyoshi 


Those from whom he wants to hear a sample sound source in the record store of analog record handling need to mail a store name, a name, an address, and a contact to tabatcho@gmail.com sorry to trouble you, but. 

precedence reservation -- receptionist ます. 

It becomes the release of only an analog record. 

As for the sale by communication, only this precedence reservation is planning sale only at a limited store (undecided) after sale. 

Please mail a name, an address, and a contact to tabatcho@gmail.com. 

The end of reservation is 2012.1.10.




Jah eass-T is 
Digiual Roots Sound System , Japan Original  


Music Tupe : Digiual Roots

Crew : Selector by TACSD

                DTM by TACSD



feat Naniwa Man , Benten , Kenny Knott , Tab@cho SG 
Bless !!



Soft Rockers HiFi is developing the sound by an original track fundamentally. 
Digiual Roots<casuals electro root> to aim at! <- it named freely. 
With MC of Ben Zillio which uses MC of UK and a European style as a foundation, although it is cheaper, newest REGGAE SOUND SYSTEM focused on [ peculiar ] a feeling of MELODY is aimed at. 
"It is cheaper, & deep" (soft, & hard) is [ this ] a main theme of a sound. 
There is few sound strictly and it goes by simple is Best!
Japanese dispatch type! It carries a full load of oriental spirits original with the East. 
It is original 100%, and since it goes, you are very well! 
Selection Sample http://soundcloud.com/softrockershifi/jah-eass-t-wise-foolish-mix-cd


fun of

Jah Shaka, Jah hamma, all Jamaican & UK Foundation.


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Tsyoshi Tabata


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